What is fracking?

So to the big questions: what actually is fracking, what does it entail, and why do we at CADAF think it is such a bad idea? And what effects might it have on you and your family?

And there are so many answers to that question!

So many that it’s impossible to fit them all comfortably in one page … sorry!

We’ve tried to make it as comprehensive as possible whilst not being overwhelming, so we’ve cut it down into different pages. We suggest you start off here:

So, what is fracking?

Why Fracking? Shale Gas and Plastics

Fracking in S18?

You should probably also head over to our Home page and read the 4 “Open Letter” blogs, or watch David Kesteven’s “Fracking Farmhouse” video blogs.

That’s enough to be going on with, but in due course we will be updating our webpage with more information about concerns over health issues, the effects of fracking on the environment, and the impact of fracking on our local communities … and what we – and you – can do about it.



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