Appeal Court rips apart INEOS’ Injunction.

3 April 2019

It’s been announced this afternoon (3 April) that Joe Corre and Joe Boyd have won major parts of their Appeal against the Injuction brought by INEOS against “Persons Unknown” protesting against their fracking activities.

The Appeal Court Judges ruled that the following sections of the Injunction were unlawful:
1) protests on public highways, including “slow-walking”, climbing onto vehicles and blocking the road;
2) protests against INEOS’ supply chain.

The parts of the Injunction relating to trespass and private rights of way were maintained “for the time being”, but INEOS have been ordered to go back to the High Court to re-assess these against the Human Rights Act; the Appeal Judges ruled that the lack of a time limit on this part of the Injunction was “unstaisfactory” given that the original Judge held that the threat of trespass was “imminent”, as claimed by INEOS. CADAF notes that the Injunction was first granted in July 2017 and given that no trespass has yet occurred, almost 21 months later, the interpretation of “imminent” seems to have been rather loosely applied.

This decision, based on Human Rights legislation, is great news for anti-fracking groups everywhere and also has severe implications for similar injunctions granted to Cuadrilla, iGas, UK Oil & Gas and Angus Energy.

You can read the “Drill Or Drop” report and analysis here.

CADAF offers our congratulations to “the Two Joes”, Boyd and Corre, and many heartfelt thanks for taking up the fight on our behalf.

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