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8 October 2018 – Derbyshire County Council submits objections to Government’s plans to take fracking out of the local planning system. Find out more here.

16 August 2018 – A Black Day for CADAF & EAF as the Planning Inspector allows INEOS’ Appeal and grants permission for exploratory drilling and establishment of a listening well at Bramleymoor Lane. More on this as the story develops over the coming days. To read the Inspector’s full decision click on the link here.

11 August 2018 – Campaign group to challenge the Government in the Courts over proposed Planning changes
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11 August 2018 – Doctors call for a UK moratorium on fracking
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11 August 2018 – INEOS boss Jim Ratcliffe is to leave the UK for Monaco
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30 July 2018 – Government Fracking Proposals Are An Attack On Democracy
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8 July 2018 – Public Inquiry Outcome
Word’s going round that we might get the result of the Bramleymoor Lane Public Inquiry “on or before” 16 August.

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