How Can I Help?

At the moment, much of Coal Aston, Dronfield and the surrounding areas are at the seismic testing stage of the fracking process – representatives of INEOS are trying to get access to land to send shockwaves through the underlying rock and work out where is best to frack.

If they don’t get the information, they can’t work out where to frack.

However, the threat is much closer than that.

INEOS (one of the largest petrochemicals companies in the world) wants to frack a huge area of the East Midlands in order to obtain methane from the shale gas deposits they believe are lying at around 3km beneath our feet. INEOS and the Government would have us believe that the shale gas they extract would be pumped into our National Grid to supply our energy needs for the future.

However, the truth is rather different.

By INEOS’ own admission, they want to extract the shale gas not to supply our National Grid, not to “keep the lights on”, but to supply their own petrochemicals plants with the methane fuel they need to keep their factories going. Not only that, they also need another component of shale gas: ethane, which can be converted into ethylene, an essential “feedstock” or basic material for producing plastic; INEOS’ core industry.

INEOS want to industrialise NE Derbyshire and surrounding areas to enable them to make more plastic.

Just what the world needs right now!


INEOS have already applied to start exploratory drilling at a field on the junction of the B6056 and Bramleymoor Lane, at Marsh Lane, just outside Eckington.

So, what can I do to help?

1) Join a local anti-fracking group. Come along to our meetings and have a chat with our Committee and members. Or maybe join our Facebook group. If you don’t live in the S18 area (Coal Aston or Dronfield, as well as Dronfield Woodhouse, Unstone, Apperknowle, Hundall, “the Handleys”, Holmesfield and Barlow) or if you have a business elsewhere, there are other groups up-and-running. Check out our list here. This is an easy way to find out the latest news and developments and to learn what your local group is doing to fight off fracking.


2) Sign the e-Petitions.

Look out for petitions on this website.

And keep an eye out for paper petitions in and around local shops.


3) Spread awareness by talking to your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues or customers, or by leafletting. Ask us for leaflets: email

“Do your street” and tell us where you’ve leafletted – other resources here:

or here:

or here:


4) Write to your local Councillors and MPs telling them why you object to fracking in this area. It could be anything:

  • your worries about far more HGV (30-ton) lorries on our local roads with excessive noise and diesel fumes and the risk of spillages of chemicals, and the impact on existing traffic, pedestrians and residents living along the “designated routes”;
  • the disruption to your way of life such as jogging/running/cycling/horse riding or just taking the kids to and from school or going to work and back;
  • safe access to local amenities such as schools, churches, shops, garden centres, cafes, pubs, community centres, sports grounds, parks and playing fields;
  • light, noise and air pollution adversely affecting your quality of life;
  • possible water contamination;
  • the impact on personal health of you or your loved ones for conditions such as asthma or other pulmonary complaints and breathing problems;
  • the impact on local wildlife;
  • the potential contamination of the aquifers (natural water sources) and the subsequent possible adverse impact on livestock, crops and wildlife;
  • the risk of earthquakes and tremors which are particularly associated with fracking (especially in old coal mining areas like NE Derbyshire) and the subsequent possibility of subsidence, sinkholes and damage to your property;
  • loss of value on your property and difficulties obtaining adequate insurance cover;
  • adverse impact on the landscape and local “green space” amenities such as footpaths, bridleways and fishing ponds;
  • impact on designated Green Belt areas;
  • or just simply however you feel fracking might adversely affect your life in so many different ways.

Here’s the link to use:


5) Spread the word and encourage people to join Coal Aston and Dronfield Against Fracking and to sign petitions.


6) Do a bit of research so you can talk to your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues about fracking. Apart from this website there are other online sites out there. Here’s a couple of good ones to start off with:



7) Come along to our monthly meetings. Details on this website and in our Monthly Newsletters. Everyone is welcome.


8) If there’s any other way in which you think you might be able to help, let us know!





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