“Natascha says …”

On the 5th October 2018 the Government appointed Natascha Engel, the former MP for North East Derbyshire and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, as its first-ever Commissioner for Shale Gas. When the job was advertised, the Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy described the post as “an independent appointment”. As part of the Job Description, the Commissioner will “Ensure industry are engaging with local communities to effectively highlight the benefits of shale gas, whilst clearly acknowledging the concerns of local residents”.

However, since her appointment Ms Engel has been giving interviews in which she has blatantly promoted the Government’s “case” for fracking whilst generally being dismissive of local communities’ genuine concerns.

Below on this page you will find links to various articles and interviews in which we quote word-for-word what “Natascha says”, alongside our “We say” responses. We think you will see quite a contrast!

Natascha Engel hard at work as a Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons

Off To A Good Start – published 24 October 2018

Natascha Engel & Mail Online – published 8 November 2018

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