Breaking News!! Shale Gas Commissioner Resigns!!

28 April 2019

Announced in the very early hours of Sunday morning, 28 April, our very own favourite former MP Natascha Engel has resigned from her post as the Government’s Shale Gas Commissioner!

In her resignation announcement, Ms Engel blasted the Government of “listening to a small but loud environmental movement that opposes in principle all extraction of fossil fuels.” We presume this would be as opposed to listening to her and a small but loud group of oil and gas industry CEO’s and Directors; her, Francis Egan (Cuadrilla), Jim Ratcliffe, Tom Pickering, Tom Crotty (all INEOS) and …. well, that’s about it, really.

Three press releases can be read from the links below, and CADAF has now (14 May) posted a full response on this website.

BBC link here; The Guardian here; and Mail Online here.

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