Climate Emergency In Derbyshire

As you are no doubt aware there is a strong link between fracking for shale gas (a fossil fuel) and climate change.

Climate change is very much in the news right now, with dire warnings from scientists and climate experts that the human race is running out of time to cut greenhouse gas emissions (such as carbon dioxide and methane) and halt the rapid rise in global warming.

Sadly, in spite of these warnings politicians across the world, and at all levels of government seem to be mired in a lack of urgency over this perilous situation.

It is clear that action needs to be taken, and fast.

There is a new Derbyshire Climate Coalition (comprised of groups from every district in the county) which aims to get the County and District Councils to declare a climate emergency (ie develop an action plan to cut carbon emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement). They are hoping to get either a county councillor to propose a motion or enough petition signatures (7,500) to trigger a motion debate in the full council.

Over 40 councils across England have already done this or are in the process of doing so.

This will affect all the activities within the scope of influence of local authorities – transport, buildings and housing, land use planning, energy (including fracking), forestry etc. It will also create a culture that will influence pension committees and divestment of funds from fossil fuel businesses.

Please can you all help by signing this petition?
You can find the petition here: Climate Emergency and Derbyshire Councils

Many thanks to you all, from CADAF on behalf of all our future generations.

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