October Newsletter

Welcome to the latest monthly newsletter from Coal Aston & Dronfield Against
Fracking (CADAF). The aim of this bulletin is to keep you posted of the most
relevant updates in our campaign and provide information of how you can get
involved or express your views in a manner that they can be heard and valued.



Not content with supporting fracking prior to the last general election, then working for Ineos after losing her seat, to produce a booklet no one has seen to our knowledge, Natascha Engel has now been appointed as the Independent Commissioner for Shale Gas by the Conservative Government, to work as a go between the public, the regulators and the fracking companies. One of her aims is to reassure the public that fracking is safe and not to listen to the scaremongers and local anti-fracking groups. Natascha Picture1

Government Consultations On Planning Applications

The window for writing to the Government on their proposals to treat shale gas exploration as part of the Nationally Important Infrastructure Scheme and exploratory “permitted development” has closed. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to express the views. With any luck your voice will be heard and common sense will prevail to keep important decisions under the control of your local councillors. Please do not stop lobbying your local MP, councillors and even Government ministers via your local MP.


The Independent Newspaper reported recently that during a fringe meeting held at the Conservative Party Conference 2018, many MP’s in marginal seats affected by fracking, expressed concern that they could lose their seats and the party lose power due to the publics concerns over fracking. They are starting to listen to the public. Keep it up everyone. Keep on at Lee Rowley to be your voice in Parliament.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited Marsh Lane on 18th October to reaffirm Labours commitment to ban fracking and lend encouragement to the residents of Marsh Lane in their fight against Ineos. A large turnout gave him a warm welcome.

ECO DAY A HUGE SUCCESS – Our local Baptist Church held an eco day on 29th September to raise awareness of the damage we are doing to our planet and CADAF were present. An informative afternoon was enjoyed by all with guest speakers including David Kesteven of EAF. We thank them for their kind invitation.

At the time of writing, fracking at Preston New Road is being halted amidst seismic activity greater than the 0.5 allowed on the Richter scale despite previous reassurances from both the Government and the oil and gas industries that fracking does not cause quakes. Readings of more than twice the legal limit have been recorded, and only goes to further prove that fracking is an unproven, potentially harmful industry, which has no place in our countryside and towns.

We have secured the use of Gosforth Lodge for further meetings for 5 months. The dates are as follows:

28th Nov, 30th Jan 19, 27th Feb

All meetings are held at Gosforth Lodge, Cliffe Park, Callywhite Lane, Dronfield, S18 2XP from 7.15 pm to 9.00pm approx and refreshments are available.
There is well-lit parking in Cliffe Park and excellent disabled access is available.

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