August/September Newsletter

Welcome to the latest monthly newsletter from Coal Aston & Dronfield Against
Fracking (CADAF). The aim of this bulletin is to keep you posted of the most
relevant updates in our campaign and provide information of how you can get
involved or express your views in a manner that they can be heard and valued.


As we are painfully aware, the planning inspector found in favour of Ineos in their appeal, despite excellent presentations from all members of our community, expert testimony, local councillors and Lee Rowley MP. All seemed irrelevant when compared to the governments wish for test drilling and subsequent fracking. Be under no illusion, whilst all may appear quiet at Bramley Moor Lane in the coming months, Ineos will be very active behind the scenes meeting various planning conditions set out by the inspector. Once these are satisfied work will start on site and should Ineos find the results they expect, an application to frack the area will follow. This will be the beginning of a massive change in the world YOU and YOUR FAMILY live in.  You can still add your voice to the call for a change in Government policy by lobbying you local and district councillors, writing to Lee Rowley MP and even writing to the Minister for Energy Clare Perry MP via Lee Rowley MP.

Government Consultations On Planning Applications

There is a consultation period underway whereby the Government is seeking to take planning applications for fracking  away from   local control. This means your elected representatives will lose YOUR VOICE on YOUR AREA. We believe this is wrong on all aspects of  planning and urge you to write to your MP objecting to this change. The Government want to class test drilling applications (eg Bramley Moor Lane) as permitted development thereby negating the need for planning permission. Further to this they intend to place shale gas extraction into the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Scheme which would mean that final planning permission for these projects would be removed from local authority control and given to central Government. Please see our website, attend a meeting or speak with a local councillor or your MP. They will tell you how to get  your message heard. Closing date is October 25th for submissions.

Conservative Conference 2018

Whilst Brexit and Teresa May dominated the news at the latest Birmingham event, Lee Rowley MP held a fringe conference over the weekend with fellow Tory MP’s and councillors within the conference. The Independent newspaper reports a growing concern amongst Tory MP’s that as 93 of their seats lie in potential fracking areas, they could subsequently lose their seats if the government continues to pursue fracking and therefore be tossed from power.

Our voice is being heard in Parliament thanks to your MP’s and councillors who all oppose this development.


Object to the proposals detailed next to this paragraph and keep the pressure on.


During September, CADAF met with Conservative MP Lee Rowley and Labour parliamentary candidate Chris Peace, to learn their current progress with fighting fracking, and glean further advice on the next step. Both meetings were highly constructive with both parties agreeing that political differences should be set aside on this matter. Both Lee and Chris have urged that we write to our local representatives, and they are both pushing hard to get the government to change policy. Please follow their example and join us in this quest regardless of your political allegiance.

We have secured the use of Gosforth Lodge for further meetings for 2 months. The dates are as follows:31 October,
28 November,
30 January,
27 February.Due to Christmas, there will be no meeting in December.

All meetings commence at 7.15 pm and refreshments are available.
Gosforth Lodge, Cliffe Park, Callywhite Lane, Dronfield, S18 2XP.
The building has excellent disabled access.

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