July 2018 Newsletter

NEWSLETTER – July 2018



Welcome to the latest monthly newsletter from Coal Aston & Dronfield Against
Fracking (CADAF). The aim of this bulletin is to keep you posted of the most
relevant updates in our campaign and provide information of how you can get
involved or express your views in a manner that they can be heard and valued.

Bramley Moor Lane Public Enquiry Concludes For Consideration By Inspector

Public Inquiry Day 1 

The public enquiry which has dominated our lives for many months concluded on Friday 29th June for consideration. The inspector will announce in the next few days when a final  decision can be expected. Eckington Against Fracking speculate this will be sometime in mid August. What we do know for certain is that members of our local councils, local residents, Lee Rowley MP, coupled with local anti fracking groups have put themselves forward to fight this horrible application.  Eckington Against Fracking led by David Kesteven were able to question witnesses alongside robust opposition from Derbyshire District Council. Members of CADAF also assisted the enquiry, alongside our local councillors, and residents who all spoke of their passionate opposition to this test drilling proposal, which is quite simply the first step to fracking in our community. Every single person who has taken the time to help towards this opposition, spoke at the enquiry, or allow themselves to be cross-examined by a tough, and thorough QC, who represented INEOS, should be extremely proud. Reasoned arguments were put forward and also defended brilliantly under cross-examination. Well done to everyone and we hope you enjoy a well deserved break followed by a positive outcome. CADAF thanks every last one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Harthill Against Fracking (HAF) Enquiry Appeal

HAF are trying to raise funds to appeal the awful decision from their recent public enquiry which has allowed Ineos to work in their  community. Please visit their appeal page below to give what you can to their cause. Their target is £10,000. Any amount will help.
The EAF Day of Action took place on 23rd June 2018 at The Fox & Hounds Public House at Marsh Lane. This was attended by many members of the public and was headline by excellent speakers  promoting anti fracking in our community. Keep an eye out for future events on CADAF and EAF websites and facebook pages.
Friends of The Earth
The local South Yorkshire / East Midlands branch are  holding a “cluster meeting” on Weds 11th July at 7pm. CADAF is looking for 2 volunteers to attend. Anyone who wishes to be considered should contact CADAF via email or through our facebook page.
We have secured the use of Gosforth Lodge for further meetings for 2 months. The dates are as follows:
25th July, 22nd August.
All meetings commence at 7.15 pm and refreshments are available.
Gosforth Lodge, Cliffe Park, Callywhite Lane, Dronfield, S18 2XP.
The building has excellent disabled access.

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