March 2018 Newsletter


On 5th February 2018, the planning committee of Derbyshire County Council met to consider their recommendation to the Planning Inspectorate on the proposal to exploratory drilling at Bramley Moor Lane.



They were persuaded to allow representation from the anti-fracking campaign who put our argument across in an informed and rational manner. People who spoke included Lee Rowley MP, Angelique Foster, Alex Dale, Harry Barnes (former MP), David Kesteven (chair of EAF) and Andy Jones and Donald King of CADAF. Numerous other anti fracking group members, campaigners and local councillors gave informed objections to this proposal and this led to the planning committee voting to oppose this application by a majority of 9 to 1. The INEOS application is now in the hands of the Planning Inspectorate who will make their decision at the Public Inquiry in June. DCC will now argue that this application should be rejected. Eckington Against Fracking, supported by CADAF, will also be presenting our case against INEOS’ application. This is the first hurdle to getting this horrible industry out of our town and hopefully banished for good throughout the UK. Please look out for information from both ourselves and our sister groups for fundraising events to help pay for our representation alongside DCC when the Public Inquiry is held in June.

February Meeting Cancelled

Due to the work of Mother Nature we had to cancel our February meeting at Gosforth Lodge. Please attend our future monthly meetings for all the latest updates on our anti-fracking campaign and how you can help. Details on future meetings can be found here.

New Labour candidate

Christine Peace is the new Labour Party Candidate For NE Derbyshire. She has joined the various anti-fracking groups and wishes to support our campaign alongside the other political party members from other parties. We thank her for her support.

LOOK NORTH SOFA PUSH—15th—22nd March 2018

Harry Gration, Amy Garcia & Paul Hudson from Look North are doing a charity Sofa Push in March which will visit our area. This would be an excellent opportunity to get our campaign further publicity as well as supporting their fundraising efforts. Look out for exact dates and times when they are in our area.

Proposed Rule Changes On Fracking Planning Applications

One of our local Labour MPs, Clive Betts, chairs a government select committee for Communities & Local Government. They are due to consider whether planning applications should be taken away from local planning authorities and considered on a national level instead. We obviously do not agree with this and ask that all members make their own views felt prior to the 14th March 2018 which is the deadline date of our views to be heard. The information and link to make representation can be found at this web address:

Thanks for reading, we look forward to seeing you at one of our local group meetings soon!


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