Dates for DCC and Planning Inspectorate

Remember, deadlines for comments to the Planning Inspectorate is 2nd February 2018. more info on the previous two posts – just scroll down and you will find the links to the earlier post. 

The Planning Inspectorate have set the dates for the Public Enquiry for the Bramleymoor Lane application.

The start date is TUESDAY 19 JUNE.

The enquiry is expected to last 8 days, so that’s Tue 19 – Fri 22 and Tues 26 – Fri 29 (apparently they don’t like Mondays!)


News from Eckington against Fracking – “DCC Regulatory Planning Committee are meeting on 5th Feb in order to approve the councils “view” on the 1st planning application. The outcome of the meeting will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and will form the DCC formal view of the 1st the application.

The meeting agenda and papers (as is the normal process) have been put up on the DCC meeting website today. Please see the link here to view the document (81 pages long!)…/regula…/planning/default.asp

EAF asked to make representation at the meeting but unfortunately DCC have decreed that the public will not be heard. Anyone can go and listen to the proceedings but are not permitted to speak. This is in stark contrast to the Rotherham council’s management process for Harthill,” where RMBC stated that they refused permission.


So please, please get writing/emailing in to the Planning Inspectorate – 3 copies if you are sending by post.



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