Objecting to exploratory drilling

As previously mentioned, there is a planning application currently going through County Council processes for exploratory drilling at Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane. This is an important stage in information gathering for the owners of the exploratory licence, to decide where is feasible/profitable to frack. No information, no way of knowing where is the best place. So…

…it is important that as many objections as possible are raised to this application. We need thousands. Here are some examples of valid material objections to planning permission:

• Scale, appearance and design of the proposal
• Impact on residential amenity
• Impact on the character of the area
• Effect on nature conservation and trees
• Effect on highway safety and parking
• Effect on Conservation Area or Listed Buildings
• Appearance (design, materials to be used etc)
• Impact on existing residents, for example overlooking, loss of light etc (residential amenity)
• Traffic, parking or access problems from the completed development
• Drainage problems
• Contrary to Planning Policies (National or Local)

If you, together with family members and friends each send a letter, we can get those numbers UP! Ask your neighbours, hairdresser, butcher, receptions at the dentists… you get the message!

I’m working on a post that gives a bit more guidance on the specific objections to the application, but that will hopefully be later this week.

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